Facts about Minnesota State Flag

The Minnesota state flag has a royal blue blackground and in the center of the flag is a white circle.
The white circle contains the word MINNESOTA across the bottom and five groups of stars (four groups with four stars and one group with three stars) spread evenly around the edge. The star at the top symbolizes Minnesota (the “North Star”).
The Minnesota state seal is represented in the middle of the white circle together wit three dates 1819 (Fort Snelling established), 1858 (the year Minnesota became a state), and 1893 (adoption of first flag)
The current flag of Minnesota was adopted in 1957 and the state seal on the flag was modified in 1983.

Minnesota state flag

This Minnesota state flag is very light-weighted so It is perfect for low-wind areas and not recommended for super windy outdoors.
The Minnesota state flag is made of durable polyester and double stitched all around the edge and strengthened by canvas header and two brass grommets.
The Minnesota state flag has colors that is sharp and vivid and the dye has been processed for UV fade resistant.
Size: 3x5 ft.

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