Find the best hotels in United States

Are you looking for hotels in the United States and need help to figure out what hotel is best for you and your needs.
There are so many hotels to choose from all over the world so it can sometimes be overwhelming to even know where to start.
First of all you need to figure out what kind of hotel you are looking for and what facilities you think is most important for your stay.
Maybe you need to bring your cat or dog for any reason and then you must book a petfriendly hotel.
If you have kids you might be looking for a hotel with kids pool, kids club or a good restaurant with a meny adapted for the kids.
If you are travelling on a honeymoon or a romantic weekend you maybe will stay at a hotel where there are no kids.
Maybe you prefer old iconical hotel buildings or a more modern style of the hotel.
For you maybe a 24 hour room service or 24 hour shop is important at the hotel.
There are also hotels with free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, free parking or microwave oven, refridgerator and coffee machine in the room.
Do you prefere indoor or outdoor pool and do you want a balcony or a sun terrace?
You are maybe a sporty person and want the hotel to have a fitness center or does the room has to be wheelchair accessible?
Do you want a stylish hotel or a more simple hotel?
Do you need laundry service or ironing facilities?
Dou you want to stay in the middle of the city or outside the city in a more calm and quiet place?
Are you staying with teenage kids and need a room with connecting doors?
Free bikes, jacuzzi, free daily newspaper and free airport transfer is important to some people.
Are you looking for a hotel close to a convention center?
Take some time to look through this list of what you can expect from a hotel and then you can book the best hotel for you!