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Kansas is a state in the Midwestern United States.

The Kansa Native American tribe inhabited the Kansas area and the state is named after that tribe.
The Kansas Nickname is “The Sunflower State” due to all the wild sunflowers that grow in profusion all over the state. The Sunflower is also the Kansas State Flower. 
In 2016 Kansas was number one in all wheat pruduced in the U.S and Kansas also has  the Nickname “The Wheat State”

The capital city of Kansas is Topeka, since the state entered the Union in 1861 and the largest city of Kansas is Wichita.
Three ships of the U.S. Navy have been named USS Topeka after the capital city of Kansas.
Topeka is described as one of the cities in the United States with the greatest variation in temperature, precipitation and wind.

Kansas is bordered by Nebraska to the north, Missouri to the east, Ocklahoma to the south and Colorado to the west.

The climate in Kansas is of three different types depending on where in the state you live, but most of the state have hot to very hot summers. The most of the precipitation also falls in the summer and spring.
In the western part of the Kansas state the winters are highly changeable between warm weather to very cold weather.
In the spring and early summer, Kansas is prone to severe weather like strong and severe thunderstorms.

In 2015, the job growth rate in Kansas was among the lowest in the United States with only 8%.
The eastern Kansas is part of the Grain Belt which is an area of major grain production.
Kansas also have som large employers like Spirit Aerosystems, General Motors and Garmin.

As a tourist in Kansas there are a lot to see and do. If you want to experience how people used to live in Kansas you can visit the rebuilt village at Old Cowtown Museum, Wichita.
In Topeka you can visit the Combat Air Museum, the museum has served as an educational institution and tourism destination for close to forty years. At the Combat Air Museum you can look at airplanes from the First World War.

Cities in Kansas

Location of Kansas

Quick facts about Kansas

  • Nickname: The Sunflower State, The Wheat State
  • Capital city: Topeka
  • Largest city: Wichita
  • Area: 82 278 sq mi (213 100 km²) (ranked 15th of 50)
  • Population: Est, 2 907 289 (ranked 35 of 50)
  • Highest point: Mount Sunflower
  • Lowest point: Verdigris River at Oklahoma border
  • Latitude: 37° N to 40° N
  • Longitude: 94° 35′ W to 102° 3′ W
  • Bordering states: FColorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska