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Indiana is a state in the midwestern and Great Lakes region of the United States.

The name of the state Indiana means “Indian Land” or “Land of the Indians” and the nickname is “The Hoosier State”.
The nickname was adopted by Indiana for more than 150 years ago and all residents of Indina is called a “Hoosier”. The name “Hoosier” is also used for organizations or Indiana based businesses and also Indiana University athletic teams.

The capital if Indiana is Indianapolis and is also the largest city in the Indiana state.
The first inhabitants in Indiana were the Paleo Indians, which created stone tools.
Indiana is one of eight states that make up the Great Lakes Region and is one of thirteen U.S states with more than one time zone.

Indiana is bordering to Michigan to the north, Kentucky to the south and southeast, Illinois to the west, Ohio to the east and Lake Michigan to the northwest.

Indiana has a humid continental climate, with hot, wet summers and cold winters. The temperature in Indiana diverge from the north and south part of the state. In the middle of the summer it is a less variation of the temperature. Snowfall throughout the year varies widely across the Indiana state.

The unemployment rate of Indiana is lower than the national average with 3.4 percent.
Alot of Indianas income is from manufacturing and more people is employed in manufacturing than any other U.S state.
The leading exports from Indiana is motor vehicles, pharmaceutical products, auto parts, industrial machinery, optical and medical equipment, and electric machinery.
Northwest Indiana has also been the largest steel producing center in the U.S. since 1975. In 2016 Indiana accounted for 27 percent of American-made steel.

As a tourist you have a lot to see and do in Indiana and the state welcomes more than 77 million people every year.
You can visit the Downtown Canal Walk in Indianapolis and just take a walk by the canal, but they also have gondolas, bicycles, pedal boats and segways. The Canal Walk in Indianapolis is also known as the “Crossroads of America”.
Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is also a very popular place to visit if you are looking for rare bird species, want to kite surf or just want to go hiking.

Cities in Indiana

Location of Indiana

Quick facts about Indiana

  • Nickname: The Hoosier State
  • Capital city: Indianapolis
  • Largest city: Indianapolis
  • Area: 36 418 sq mi (94 321 km²) (ranked 38th of 50)
  • Population: Est, 6 633 053 (ranked 17 of 50)
  • Highest point: Hoosier Hill
  • Lowest point: Confluence of Ohio River and Wabash River
  • Latitude: 37° 46′ N to 41° 46′ N
  • Longitude: 84° 47′ W to 88° 6′ W
  • Bordering states: Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois

Indiana flag