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Connecticut is the third smallest state by area and located in the northeasten United States in the region New England.
Connecticut is grouped as the Tri-state area together with New York and New Jersey, although it is technically part of New England.

Connecticut river is a major U.S river that approximately bisects the state and Connecticut is named after the Connecticut river.
Connecticut’s first European settlers were Dutch and initially, half of Connecticut was a part of the Dutch colony New Netherland.

Connecticut´s nickname is “The Constitution State” because it says that ideas for the writing of the Federal Constitution of the United States were drawn from the first constitution of Connecticut.
Connecticut also have the nickname “The Nutmeg State”.

The capital city of Connecticut is Hartford and the largest city of Connecticut is Bridgeport.
Connecticut have had a strong maritime tradition which continues today due to the Connecticut and Thames river and the ports along the Long Island Sound.

Connecticut is bordering to Massachusetts to the north, New York to the west, Long Island Sound to the south and Rhode Island to the east.

Most parts of Connecticut has a continental climate with warm, humid summers and cold winters with moderate snowfall. The southern part of Connecticut has milder climate with hot humid summers and warmer winters and most of the Connecticut state have a fairly even precipitation pattern with rain and snowfall spread throughout the 12 monts.

Connecticut has the highest personal income per capita of any state (2013) and with a ratio of 7,32 percent Connecticut had the third-largest number of millionaires per capita in the United States (2013).

Insurance and finance is Connecticut’s largest industry and also manufacturing is a big industry dominated by United Technologies Corporation with more than 22 000 employees in Connecticut.
Sikorsky Aircraft has a manufacturing plant in Stratford, Connecticut where they makes helicopters and Groton Electric Boat division of General Dynamics makes submarines.

For tourists Connecticut has a lot to offer, like the Mystic Seaport which is the largest maritime museum in the United States.
In Mashantucket you will find the largest casino in North America
, Foxwoods Resort Casino.
In a beautiful building you will find The Scoville Memorial Library which is the oldest public library in America.

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Quick facts about Connecticut

  • Nickname: The Constitution State
  • Capital city: Hartford
  • Largest city: Bridgeport
  • Area: 5,543 sq mi (14,357 km²) (Ranked 48th of 50)
  • Population: Est, 3 576 452 (Ranked 29th 0f 50) 2016
  • Highest point: Massachusetts border on south slope of Mount Frissell
  • Lowest point: Long Island Sound
  • Latitude: 40°98′ N to 42°04′ N
  • Longitude: 71°08′ W to 73°72′ W
  • Bordering states: New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and (Long Island Sound)

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