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Colorado is part of the Western and Southwestren United States and also the Mountain States.

In 1876 (Hundred years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence) Colorado became the 38 th state of the United States, therefore Colorados nickname is “The Centennial State”.
Because of all the beautiful scenery of mountains, rivers and plains Colorado is somtimes even called “Colorful Colorado”.

The capital city of Colorado is Denver and Denver is also the largest city in Colorado state.
Between 2010-2016 the population of Colorado increased with aproximately 10%.

Colorado is notable for its diverse geography with alpine mountains, deep canyons, rivers, lakes, lush forests, deserts, sand dunes, arid high plains and granite and sandstone rock formations in the park “Garden of The Gods”.

Colorado is one of The Four Corner state and Colorado is  bordering to Nebraska to the northeast, Oklahoma to the southeast, Wyoming to the north, Kansas to the east, New Mexico to the south, Utah to the west and Arizona to the southwest at the Four Corners.

The Climate in Colorado varies from place to place but unlike most other states, southern Colorado is not always warmer than northern Colorado.
The eastern plains in Colorado is known for its clear, nights and abundant sunshine and in the summer many days can be above 95°F (35°C).
West of the Colorado state there are a wide variety of climate types and locations just a few miles apart can have entirely different weather. Extreme weather changes are common in Colorado but also much of Colorado is a very dry state.
The highest air temperature ever recorded in Colorado was 118 °F (48 °C) 1888 at Bennett and the lowest was −61 °F (−52 °C) 1985 at Maybell.

Just after Texas and Virginia, Colorado was (2010) recognized as the third best state in the nation for business.
Early industry in Colorado was based on minerals and agricultural products.
Today the federal government is a major economic force in the Colorado state with many important federal facilities.
The Colorado state’s economy is also notable for its concentration of scientific research and high-technology industries.

For tourists Colorado is a year-round destination with a lot of adventure, national parks, outdoor activities and also a rich cultural heritage.
In 2015 Colorado broke tourism record with 77.7 million visitors spending $19.1 billion.

Cities in Colorado

Location of Colorado

Quick facts about Colorado

  • Nickname: The Centennial State
  • Capital city: Denver
  • Largest city: Denver
  • Area: 104 094 sq mi (269 837 km²) (ranked 8th of 50)
  • Population: Est, 5 540 545 (ranked 21 of 50)
  • Highest point: Mount Elbert in Lake County
  • Lowest point: Arikaree River at the Kansas border
  • Latitude: 37°N to 41°N
  • Longitude: 102°03’W to 109°03’W
  • Bordering states: Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Kansas, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona

Colorado flag