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Alabama is a state in the southeastern region of the United States.

In 1927 The Yellowhammer(Northen Flicker) became the official statebird of Alabama, that´s why Alabamas nickname is Yellowhammer. Alabama is also known as the “Heart of Dixie” and the Cotton state.

The capital of Alabama is Montgomery but the largest city of Alabama by population is Birmingham.
Childersburg, Alabama is proclaimed as the “Oldest Continually Occupied City in America”, dating back to 1540. and it is located in Talladega County.
In Limestone County you will find one of the oldest incorporated towns in Alabama, Moresville, and the entire town is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Alabama is the thirtieth largest state in the United States and Alabama has the second largest inland watersystem in the U.S with a total waterarea of 3,2%. Alabama has one of the nation´s longest navigable inland waterways.

Alabama is bordered by Tennesse to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida to the south and Mississippi to the west and Alabama has it´s coastline at the Gulf of Mexico.

The temperature in Alabama is warmer in the southern part while the northern part of Alabama tend to be slightly cooler.
The summers in Alabama are among the hottest in the U.S with temperatures averaging over 90 °F (32 °C) in some parts of the state, and the winters in Alabama are mild, the average annual temperature is 64 °F (18 °C) and the winter average low temperature is around 40 °F (4 °C).
Snow is rare in Alabama.

South Alabama reports many thunderstorms and is also prone to tropical storms and even hurricanes.
The Gulf Coast around Mobile bay reports thunder for about 70-80 days per year, although the thunder activity decreases further north the state reports thunder for about 60 days even in the far north area.
Alabama is one of the few places in the world that has a secondary tornado season in November and December.

A great deal of Alabama´s economic growth since the 1960´s is due to the expanding automotive manufacturing industry and the Alabama state is currently ranked 4th in the nation for vehicle exports.
In 2015 Airbus opened an aircraft assembly plant in Mobile, Alabama and by 2018 the facility will produce between 40 and 50 single-aisle aircraft per year.
Alabama also produces aerospace and electronic products.

About 20 million tourists visit the Alabama state each year and some of the most popular areas is the Rocket City of Huntsville, the beaches along the Gulf, and the state´s capitol in Montgomery.

DeSoto Caverns, also called “Alabama’s Big Cave”, is a series of caves and a tourist attraction located in foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Childersburg, Talladega County, Alabama.

If you want to eat at one of Alabama’s most unique restaurants located under a rock, you should visit Rattlesnake Saloon.

At Hoover Metropolitan Complex there is a Michael Jordan Room overlooking the stadium and available for rental to large groups for events.

Cities in Alabama

Location of Alabama

Quick facts about Alabama

  • Nickname: Yellowhammer State
  • Capital city: Montgomery
  • Largest city: Birmingham
  • Area: 52 419 sq mi (135 765 km²) (ranked 30th of 50)
  • Population: Est, 4 863 300 (ranked 24 of 50)
  • Highest point: Mount Cheaha
  • Lowest point: Gulf of Mexico
  • Latitude: 30° 11′ N to 35° N
  • Longitude: 84° 53′ W to 88° 28′ W
  • Bordering states: Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee

Alabama state flag